NMN Injection

NMN Injection

Support the production of NAD+, which is mainly reflected in providing energy for cells, promoting immunity, accelerating tissue repair and regeneration, so as to keep the human body healthy and delay the aging of the body;

Prevent Alzheimer’s disease, activate SIRTUINS, and increase the activity of SIRTUINS opal group can improve cell growth, energy metabolism and neuron function, thereby improving blood vessel function;

Repair DNA damage and increase the level of NAD+ will interfere with the formation of PARp1-DBC1 complex, thus restoring the DNA repair activity of PARP1;

Promoting heart health supplementing NMN effectively protected the ultrastructure of mitochondria, reduced reactive oxygen species levels, and prevented cardiac cell death;

Prevent bone mineral density loss, improve vision and immune function, NMN supplementation can eliminate various physiological declines associated with aging, improve insulin sensitivity, plasma fat markers, improve vision, improve immune function and prevent bone mineral density loss.

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