The advantages of intravenous NMN and NAD+

The advantages of intravenous NMN and NAD+

High absorption rate: Intravenous injection can make 100% of NMN and NAD+ enter the blood circulation, quickly reach effective concentrations, and provide immediate cell energy support.

High bioavailability: Intravenous injection can improve the bioavailability of NMN and NAD+ because it bypasses the first-pass effect of the gastrointestinal tract and is not damaged by stomach acids and enzymes, and is delivered directly to tissues and organs.

Fast acting: intravenous injection of NMN or NAD+ can quickly enter the mitochondria and be effective within a few minutes, and NMN and NAD+ can be rapidly distributed to all tissues and organs of the body, including brain, heart, muscle, etc. This helps to improve energy metabolism and function throughout the body, leading to more overall benefits.

Precise dosing: Intravenous NMN or NAD+ can be administered with precise control to ensure an effective concentration is achieved.

Better results: Due to high bioavailability and stable dosing, intravenous NMN and NAD+ may produce better results and may be more effective in ameliorating some disease states.

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