Production Process

Current NMN raw material production method

  • Chemical synthesis method. The process is simple, low cost, mainly through the reaction between compounds to complete, need to use a variety of organic solvents as a medium. For the chemical synthesis process to obtain more pure compounds in the application of new food raw materials in principle is generally not approved, so it is not recommended to use NMN raw materials produced by chemical synthesis.
  • Fermentation method. Produced in a manner similar to winemaking with the help of microorganisms. This method has low production efficiency and high raw material cost, which is not conducive to industrial scale production.
  • Biological enzyme catalytic method. This process does not use microorganisms, but uses specific engineered enzymes to produce in a biosynthetic manner. The NMN raw material produced by this method is of high purity, the production method is relatively mild, and the whole process is slow and durable. On the basis of this method, Westwood Biotech scientist team also applied the enzyme directed evolution technology, which greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality.

Westwood Biological developed the world’s leading bioenzyme synthesis method, through the new generation of enzymatic extraction technology with higher conversion rate, can extract 99.9% of high-purity NMN and NAD+, and the use of scientific formula, high purity, high content, high activity, easy to absorb.

Production Process

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